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Rhonda Lerche

What our customers are saying...

Dear Spirit Tours, Inc:

I certainly will keep Spirit Tours in mind for my travel needs. I'm gonna also recommend Spirit Tours to my friends and associates. Have a good day and GOD Bless your family, the company, and the drivers for the company.
Sean Williams, Next Level Productions 2018
Hi Marie,
I’m Felicia from the Sistahs Rising group. Our recent NY trip was a success!! Although we originally requested Mr. Lee Williams and I believe Mr. Roosevelt, I would like to say that the drivers we had (Mr. Leon and Mr. Townsell were awesome!! Both drivers were very professional, timely and showed excellent driving skills. We certainly can see ourselves requesting them for our future trips.
Felicia (Sistahs Rising)   
Hi Marie,

I wanted to thank you for another successful event! We really enjoyed working with Keith. I give him my highest recommendation!! He is very friendly, knowledgeable of the roads, and just a delight to work with. (as is Mr. Williams :). We look forward to working more with you as we get into the busy season.

Thanks again,

Brandon Schwartz, Chicago Dine Around

The Benevolent and Protectiver Order of Elks Whiting, Indiana Lodge #1273 has hosted 40- 101 recruits from Naval Station Great Lakes in Illinois for a Christmas Day dinner for the last 4 years. We are a small lodge with very limited funds and it is up to us to provide and pay for the transportation of the recruits. Not ONLY is Spirit Tours the most affordable service (and MANY bus services were contacted) but EXCEPTIONAL in their service, on time and friendly.
One of the owners of Spirit Tours, Mr. Williams, has even been a driver for the dinner! Now that's service!
They have treated our troops very well. When time allowed they took a detour through downtown Chicago on the return trip so the recruits could get a bit of a close-up view of Chicago. Many of the sailors have told tell me how nice the drivers are, "he even put a movie on for us!". A number of the recruits have even told us that we should never change the bus service that we use. We will not.
When I have called or e-mailed with questions they are quick with an accurate response regardless of whom I am speaking with. We have NO concern about the employess of Spirit. Spirit Tours is family owned and gives exceptional friendly service. The drivers are the finest and must be if they pass the government and military background checks. If the military feels comfortable with Spirit Tours transporting our young men and women of the U.S. Navy, that speaks volumes about the integrity of Spirit's owners and employees. You couldn't be in any finer, safer, friendlier hands.
Karen Edge, Chaplain
Co-chair, Great Lakes Christmas Dinner
Benevolent and Protectiver Order of Elks Whiting Indiana Lodge #1273

Thank you for your encouraging and professional way of doing business. You are the breath of reassurance that God knew I needed this morning. I appreciate your gentle and kind demeanor that immediately put me at ease. What a pleasure to do business with you. I look forward to a wonderful trip with Ms. Osei. Thank you again for your exemplary customer service skills.